Weddings then and now....

by Kristin Lewis

Weddings and wedding showers have changed so much since I got married six years ago. Back then, we were still picking things out of magazines and catalogs. The internet was alive and well, but the online wedding market was just getting started. We got most of our information from places like or bridal magazines. Etsy was just taking off and Pinterest was several years away from being a wedding staple. I absolutely love all the personal touches brides can choose from now. Anything is on the table and everything is available. I would have had a different, more personal wedding had I gotten married now. I'm sure I would have stressed 10x more deciding over small details such as should I have Bit-o-Honey or Runts at the treat table (and would have come to the conclusion...why not both?), but it would have been a lot more fun to plan. As it is, my mom and I made a lot of the items for my wedding. From the place cards to the table numbers, most personal touches were handmade my either me or my mom. We even made bookmarks as wedding favors to mark our special day.

I've had such fun tapping into social media while moving with the times for the brides of today.  I was asked to make banners for a bridal shower for the sister of a dear friend. We came up with the idea of creating a hashtag banner to allow the bride's friends and family to capture all their wedding memories into one place. While I was making and designing the banner, I was remember how we relied on people to post their digital pictures to Hashtags and Instagram make it so easy to have all the candid wedding pictures in one spot. Some of the best pictures from my wedding were ones that other people took, so it would be great to have them all easily accessible in one place. Ah...these modern brides. :)