Love Affair with Pink and Grey

by Kristin Lewis

I have always loved the color combination of pink and grey. I think it speaks of femininity, elegance and innocence. I love it so much that when we found out we were having a girl, I begged my pink-boycotting husband to let me give it a shot. I gravitated toward a light pink and grey combination with cream accents. My parents graciously saved my childhood furniture, which is cream and vintage, so it blended perfectly with the color combination I was dreaming about. I scoured the internet (mainly Etsy) to find the perfect accent pieces, and what we ended up with was a vintage pink and grey nursery. I love it. I love everything about it. It's inviting, airy, elegant and, most importantly, cozy for our little girl.

One of the things I have enjoyed most since staring onetinyheart is interacting with moms-to-be, brides-to-be and grandmothers-to-be. There is such an excitement and joy in our exchanges that is palpable across the internet. Recently I received an inquiry about a custom order from a sweet grandmother-to-be. She is involved in her daughter's baby shower and was looking for some decorations for the shower.  She requested a banner with her grand daughter's name in pink and grey, as those were the colors of the nursery!!! I was so excited to make another banner for a new little girl in the colors I adore. Through our conversation, she said the banner would likely be placed in the little one's room. *Smiles* Nothing sweeter than a little baby girl being welcomed by name into her room.